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    Illinois Association for Gifted Children

IAGC Support of Gifted Children 

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children is working on behalf of gifted, talented and highly-able children throughout the state by:

  • Presenting topics of interest to parents of gifted children in occasional Parent Academies.
  • Offering a website as well as various social media platforms to inform and advise members of topics pertaining to giftedness.  These platforms are also available for networking among members.
  • Partnering with other gifted associations and bringing their serves to our state.  
  • Publishing a semiannual newsletter for our members which contains updates on issues of giftedness in Illinois as well as articles about teaching and raising gifted children.  
  • Tracking and informing interested parties when legislation that could effect gifted children comes before the state house or the state senate so that we can all reach out to our representatives and let our opinions be known in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining a resource directory, to help members locate services they might find helpful. 
  • Organizing a three-day convention, generally in February, featuring national as well as local speakers, targeted at teachers, administrators, parents and other professionals working with gifted children.  
  • Partnering with other organizations within our state who are working for the benefit of gifted, talented and highly able children.
  • Developing and delivering professional education for teachers enabling them to work more effectively with gifted children.
  • Working with the Illinois State Board of Education to keep a focus on the education of the highly able learner.
  • Publishing an annual academically focused journal covering many topics related to educating highly able learners for out members.
We encourage all parents of gifted, talented and/or high-ability learners to support IAGC, through your donations and through your membership.  


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Illinois Association for Gifted Children

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The Illinois Association for Gifted Children is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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