Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2015 Spring Courier

Book Review

by Lindsay Sudol

Dumbing Down America by Jim Delisle

The field of gifted education is in crisis, and Jim Delisle has had enough. In Dumbing Down America, Delisle explores the historical background of gifted education, the current reality gifted professionals and students are facing, and – in his opinion – the steps that must be taken at a national, state, and district level to provide gifted students with quality, effective education.

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Updates on Gifted Education Advocacy from the desk of the Executive Director

sally walkerby Sally Walker

The state of IL is in bad shape fiscally. That is an understatement! There is no chance that any new monies would be available for refunding gifted education. Because money is so tight IAGC has wanted to keep gifted on the agenda without asking for funds. In order to do this we looked at current legislation and found places where we need to update or change the current language in the school code in order to accommodate the needs of gifted students and educators. One example is the language that currently exists for dual enrollment.

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IAGC President's Message

Sally headshot“We don’t need a Gifted Program anymore---
We’ve got Differentiation and the Common Core!”
By Sally Thomson, Ed. D.
IAGC President

Forty-three states, Illinois included, have committed to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to replace standards previously in place designed by individual states. The CCSS are generally more rigorous than previous state standards, and districts are pouring their energies and resources into their implementation. Some of the districts are going kicking and screaming, but nonetheless, Illinois has signed on to the use of CCSS.

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IAGC Board Chair Message

Julie Luck JensenStill Trying After All These Years

by Julie Luck Jensen

I’d like to reintroduce myself. I’m Julie Luck Jensen, IAGC’s new Chair of the Board of Directors. Over the last 20+ years I’ve held a variety of positions with IAGC and am pleased to be back actively serving once again. In June 2013 I retired after 38 years in public education working as a teacher, gifted coordinator, and principal, but I’ve continued to keep up my connection with gifted education through consulting and teaching the Gifted Education Seminar.

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Update on Illinois Gifted Endorsement

Gifted Education Endorsement Numbers

3,922 Illinois teachers applied to the Illinois State Board of Education for a gifted endorsement as of March 20, 2015. The number of endorsements by grade levels is as follows:
Birth to 3                   43

K-4                       1,657

Middle School      1,815

9 only                      101
High School            306

Gifted education endorsement applications geographicallyIL Regions 2015

Region Number of Applications
I -A                         564
I - C                      1458
North Cook             480
West Cook             248
South Cook            514
II                             248
III                            159
IV                            166
V                               20
VI                              39
Unknown                   26
Total                      3922