Wednesday, May 24, 2017

President's Message: Why Would I Want an Endorsement for Gifted on My License?

by Dr. Sally Thomson

Sally headshotHappy Spring!

It is with great honor and pleasure that I write my first President's Message to you all as the 12th president of IAGC. I hope to be able to fulfill my two-year term in the excellent tradition of my predecessors. I realize I have some very large shoes to fill, and at a time when gifted education in Illinois is at a critical period.

The coming of spring this year seemed to be a hard-fought battle. In order to spring blossom for pres messageherald the long-awaited arrival of the favorite season for so many, we metaphorically sat in darkness awaiting the dawn. We yearned to hear birdsong and feel sunshine on our faces. The smell of thawing earth was welcomed by our nostrils, and the appearance of those tiny green buds pressing up through the ground was an even more welcome sight this year than usual.
Illinois educators should feel much the same way about the long-awaited Gifted Endorsement. Its arrival, long proclaimed by IAGC and the State Board of Education, is now a reality. The proficiency exam is being created as I write, and we have a target date of fall of 2014 for its release. So, what does this mean to you? Why should you care?

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Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

Bonnieby Bonnie Park

Watching the arrival of more snow today reminds us all that change is ever present. Hopefully, as this is being read the sun is shining as spring presents its welcoming signs of renewal.

As your state organization, our collective goal is to provide support for our gifted Springfield for BODand talented children in Illinois by connecting with their educators and parents. We hope that you will join our team as we share our voice across the state. Your board of directors continues to set policy. That policy is based on the various president's and board committee goals. Elsewhere you will read about the president's committee reports. Here's an overview of our board committees:

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Spring and Summer Professional Development Opportunities



By Dr. Sally Walker

IAGC will be offering a variety of professional development opportunities this spring and summer.

Please share the opportunities with friends who also may be interested.

Go to the Professional Development webpage for complete details and to download the registration forms.





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State of the Nation

Sally Wby Dr. Sally Walker

Dr. Sally Thomson, Carolyn Welch, Kathy Nilles, and I had the privilege of representing Illinois at the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Affiliate Conference in Washington D.C this March. Part of the conference this year was Wallace Symposion sponsor by The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development. Dr. Susan Assouline shared remarks and introductions. The program included a tribute to Dr. James Gallagher with remarks from Dr. Nancy Robinson, Dr. Nick Colangelo and Dr. Shelegh Gallagher.

I presented our work with strategic planning along the executive directors of Texas and Kansas. Other sessions related to strengthening our organization and our work with Illinois State Board of Education.

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NAGC: Inattention to high-ability students puts pipeline of advanced talent at risk

NAGC report