Wednesday, May 24, 2017

President’s Message: Strategic Plan to Lead the Way through 2017!

rosina-signRosina Gallagher, President

On July 29, 2013, twenty-six members of the Board of Directors, committee chairs and members, community representatives and staff, convened at Aurora University to review our mission, vision and core values, and chart our course for the next three years. The proposed flyer represents the culmination of several months of planning and discussion before, during and after this meeting, to agree on a "living" or modifiable guide for our work through 2017.


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Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

BonnieParkBonnie Park

If you're reading this, then you're part of the IAGC family that believes in finding ways to advocate for and honor those children who need an understanding of their ability to learn quickly and easily, as well as how that ability impacts their social and emotional development. Thank you for caring!!

Our organization consists of members at large, as well as many volunteers who work tirelessly to make a difference. Our president's and board committees provide the foundation for our work. Please share your talents and find a way to assist us with making a difference. If you believe that an altruistic view will help others and therefore help your child(ren), we need you. Find a way to donate your time and/or resources.

Awards and Scholarships – Check our website and consider nominating an adult or child for one of these awards. 

Convention – Join other parents and educators for the IAGC 19th Annual Convention, February 9-11, 2014.  Postcard reminders were mailed to our members. Download the 2014-Conv-Brochure.pdf 

Executive – Support our direction by joining IAGC as a member (individual, retired or full-time student), parent affiliate or institution (See www.iagcgifted.org). Encourage your legistors to support funding for gifted education. Believe that your child deserves the best education possible.

Finance – Consider making a donation to IAGC and/or renew your membership. These and other projects provide the funding to continue advocating for gifted and talented children in Illinois. Check out http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/iagcgifted/iagc2013fundraisingpage

Policy – Talk to your child's principal about the school's policy for gifted education. Meanwhile, know that the policy committee is creating the structure that best supports our organization.


Common Core State Standards--It’s Not Quite Like the Movies!

cathygreeneCathy Greene

Have you ever noticed how everyone is willing to accept Channing Tatum armed with basically a BB gun, a relatively gifted thirteen year old side-kick on a cell phone, and a middle aged president taking on twenty bad guys with sub machine guns and nuclear weapons and, well, saving everyone from peril; or how it is perfectly feasible to an audience for Brad Pitt to more or less traverse the globe during his efforts to take on man-eating Zombies and save the world? movie-camera-filmBut try pairing a mom and a dedicated teacher to take on a failing school system to save their children, and people are right there talking about how unrealistic it is. Seriously? And who are some of the biggest critics? Well, that would be us, the educators. Even though the movie I'm referring to, Won't Back Down, is based on actual events, we educators came out loud and strong on one of two sides; those who thought more teachers and parents should be working together to bring about big changes, and those who were struck by the audacity of the film makers who implied that our system was flawed and easily fixed by outsiders.

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2014 IAGC Convention Highlights


Mary Ann Paradise and Jane Gorman
IAGC Convention Co-chairs

The 19th Annual Illinois State Convention for Gifted Children will be three days of networking, learning, renewing and reflection. Diversity, disadvantaged children, program development, STEM, and Common Core, will be interwoven themes among the multiple offerings that are scheduled.

Sunday, February 9, will be a full day of offerings. Educators will have opportunities to interact with Jim Curry, Kimberley Chandler, and Linda Sheffield. A Parent Workshop will feature Michael Clay Thompson, Vinnie Vrotny and networking opportunities. Administrator Academy, GES Workshops for Gifted Coordinators and Counseling the Gifted are scheduled, too. A special highlight of the day will be the debut of an evening Presidents' Reception with Deborah Delisle, the Assistant U.S. Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education under Arne Duncan, as our invited guest. Over appetizers and a cash bar, we will have the opportunity to network with our IAGC members and hear the unique national perspective on education from Deb Delisle.

Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11, will also have a full schedule of state and national experts presenting topics of interest to beginning as well as experienced teachers. Monday we will host over a dozen Round Table Discussions of various topics. Tuesday, a panel of experts will discuss "Low-Income, High Ability Learners: Can Their Talent Emerge?"

Come join us at the Chicago Marriott Naperville, renew old friendships, meet new individuals vested in the gifted learner, and enjoy yourself.

Check the IAGC convention web page for further information and download the registration flyer. We look forward to sharing this event with you!


State of the State and State of the Nation

sally-walkerSally Walker

Illinois Gifted Endorsement and the Rising Star Initiative

This spring I was pleased to report that the Advisory Council on the Education of Gifted Students and the ISBE personnel responsible for certification were moving ahead with the proposal for endorsement in gifted education. In June, the proposal was posted for public comment on the ISBE website, and ISBE staff are currently contacting respondents for clarification. Changes will be made as warranted. The endorsement will then go before the ISBE Board for approval. Once approved, ISBE will contract a test developer to prepare a gifted endorsement exam. This process is estimated to take about a year.

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