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High Stakes for High Achievers: State Accountability in the Age of ESSA from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute

How 1 Black-Owned Ga. School Is Revolutionizing Education for the Gifted

Why does my child’s giftedness bother you so?

Dropping the “Gifted” Label – A Solution that Solves Nothing

What If Michael Phelps Trained in a Kiddie Pool?

How do we define success for gifted students?

When we label some students gifted, are we calling others ungifted?

Podcast: Guiding Gifted Kids: James T. Webb

Where’s the ‘OFF’ Switch?

Why gifted kindergarten is 70 percent white

USD Camps Offer Opportunities For Gifted Students

Schools should support gifted students, not work against them

Inaugural issue of the Torrance Journal for Applied Creativity

Is your gifted teen socially isolated?

NAGC’s Gifted and Talented Resources Directory: Guiding you to an even smarter search

SENG Conference 2016 Welcoming Address

The BEST Things about Parenting a Gifted Child

Speaker emphasizes parent-teacher respect while advocating for gifted youth

Are gifted kids more sensitive to screen violence?

Why so many black, Hispanic and poor kids miss out on gifted education

Gifted Education back in the day: so much better then--nearly ten years ago--than now

5 Ways Gifted Students Learn Differently

Honoring Giftedness in the Black Community

4 Top Things my Gifted Students Taught Me this School Year

Spotting giftedness in her students becomes a lesson in inclusion for this teacher

Support funding for gifted kids, by M. René Islas and Joy Lawson Davis

District 308 overhauling gifted education program

Packing Up My Classroom: What I’m Taking With Me, by Patricia Steinmeyer

Rockford Gifted Academy High School Senior Capstone Project targets cancer treatment 

7 Ways to Support Your Gifted Learner: Black gifted learners make up a mere 10% of gifted programs

Stark differences in black and white enrollment for District 150 gifted programs

Why Gifted Latinos Are Often Overlooked And Underserved

Signs of giftedness in young children

The Gifted Association of Missouri newsletter, the GAMbit, is dedicated to sharing news about gifted resources/information with parents, teachers and administrators. It is free for everyone!

Gifted, But Still Learning English, Many Bright Students Get Overlooked

Study: Minority gifted kids fare better in Naperville area

Gifted programs should be open to all gifted students

How Gifted And Talented Programs Reinforce Class And Race Inequities

Young, Gifted and Black: High IQ 6-Year-Old Suspended Twice/There's more to giftedness than just being smart

Opening new vistas for talented kids

Spotlights Strategy to Reach Diverse Learners

How Parents And Teachers Can Nurture The 'Quiet Power' Of Introverts 

U-46 to expand middle school gifted program this fall

VIDEO: NAGC Convention, Special Offer

Mitigating the pressures we put on students

To Be Young, 'Gifted' And Black, It Helps To Have A Black Teacher

Bright Black Students With Black Teachers More Likely to Get Into Gifted Programs

Students in Highly Capable program gifted, but not perfect

NAGC: Recursos Para los Padres de Familia

Mom Shares Frustration With Children's School in Powerful Blog Post

VIDEO: Rockford's Renaissance Gifted Academy 3:45

NAGC: Q&A: What You Need to Know About the Fix to No Child Left Behind

NAGC and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Should We Treat Gifted Boys Any Differently From Gifted Girls?

NAGC commends Congressional Committees for including gifted & talented students in reauthorization of ESSA

Gifted Ed. Students Are More Than Just Really Smart Kids

Karnes Earns Honor from National Association for Gifted Children

Underachievers under-the-radar: How seemingly successful gifted students fall short of their potential

A Good Day For Gifted Education Advocates

The Hidden Costs of Having a Gifted Child: Exceptional talent in children can be a source of financial and emotional stress for parents who don’t feel equipped

Best in the World? How the US Is Getting Gifted Education Wrong

Turning A Blind Eye: Neglecting the Needs of the Gifted and Talented Through Limited Accountability, Oversight, and Reporting

Pearson Announces New Edition of Nonverbal Assessment at 2015 National Association for Gifted Children Conference

VIDEOGifted Squared - Gifted and Learning Disabilities (2e)

Identifying and Nourishing Gifted Students

The Illinois State Board of Education released data about school districts across the state on the Illinois Interactive Report Card

The Trials of Being Black and Gifted in Public School

Gifted: Are We Measuring Social Advantage or Innate Aptitude?

VIDEONGSS Accelerated Model Course Pathways Overview

Who Are The 'Gifted And Talented' And What Do They Need?

Expanding the View of Giftedness- Five districts share a mission to develop underrepresented students on the cusp of excellence, By Jane Clarenbach/School Administrator, September 2015

Carol Dweck Revisits the 'Growth Mindset'

Cultivating Gifted Students, AASA School Administrator, September 2015 

Tackling Inequality in Gifted-and-Talented Programs

Advice for Parents of a Gifted Kindergartener

The “gifted” system in US schools is broken, racist, and completely fixable

Dear Student: I Don't Expect You to Be Perfect

Dear Teacher, My Gifted Child is in Your Class

The Bright Students Left Behind

Free topic-specific brochures: The Healthcare Providers' Guide to Gifted Children, The Educators' Guide, Twice Exceptional—Smart Kids with Learning Differences, Gifted Cubed - The expanded complexity of race in gifted and 2e kids

Back to school blues: Why gifted teens dread returning to school

10 Things You Need to Know About Teaching or Parenting Gifted Kids

The education fad that’s hurting our kids: What you need to know about “Growth Mindset” theory — and the harmful lessons it imparts

IDEA Applies To ‘Twice Exceptional’ Students Too

5 Tips for Engaging Parents at the Start of the School Year

How Does Your Giftedness Affect Your Career?

Imagine a World Where Gifted Kids Don’t Have to Wait

Letter: Gifted students aren’t all the same

Gifted 101 for Teachers New To Gifted Students

How schools maximize gifted talent: Districts deliver the more rigorous instruction that advanced students need to reach full potential

Gifted Children: What Parents Want Teachers to Know

"Why Your Gifted Child Isn’t Living Up to Expectations (And What You Can Do About It)" by Jim Delisle. Used with permission. Copyright © 2015 by Free Spirit Publishing Inc.

Sisterhood Of Mothers With Gifted Children

Serving Gifted Students in General Ed Classrooms

The Benefits and Pressures of Being a Young Genius

"Overpraising children not a smart move"

Summer Readings on Differentiation: 150+ Seedlings for Growing Stronger Learners

Educators’ Guide to Gifted Children: I AM...INTENSE *ASYNCHRONOUS * MISUNDERSTOOD

Nurturing Creativity

Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children?

The “rage to master”: What it takes for those scary-smart kids to succeed

Best Online Resources for Gifted Information

How schools maximize gifted talent

Summer 2015 Gifted Education Press Quarterly

NYTimes Debate: The Benefits and Pressures of Being a Young Genius + more opinions

Poorest Students Often Miss Out on Gifted Classes

Differentiate Your Direct Instruction: Make Content Accessible to All Students

Top 10 Ways to Annoy a Gifted Child

Equal talents, unequal opportunities, Jonathan Plucker, et al., 2015, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

Common core and America’s high-achieving students, Jonathan A. Plucker

Advocates for Spec. Ed., Gifted Weigh In on ESEA Rewrite


As A Nation, How Can We Best Empower Our Gifted Kids?

How does a teacher’s race affect which students get to be identified as ‘gifted’?

What Is Holding Back America’s Brightest Students?

Three Strategies to Support Gifted Students

NAGC names M. René Islas to be next Executive Director

TALENT Act sponsor, Senator Chuck Grassley, Praises Committee Passage of Provisions to Encourage High Ability Students

New Research Supports Positive Impact of Skipping a Grade on Gifted Students’ Career Success and Satisfaction

Best, Brightest--and Saddest?

The Misunderstood Face of Giftedness

Anxiety in Gifted Children: 3 Simple Steps Parents and Educators Can Take

9 Things I Wish People Knew About Highly-Gifted Children

Intellectually Gifted Kids And Learning Disabilities Often Go Hand In Hand

20 reasons it's horrible to grow up 'gifted' 

"How to know if your child is gifted" - ABC News

Debunking Myths About Gifted Students

Gifted Students Have Fewer Allies Than You'd Think, But Can Count on This Billionaire

"Sally Walker and Tracy Cross: Putting talent on the legislative agenda" - The State Journal-Register

A gift for the gifted

Giftedness is more than a function of Education

Too Many Gifted Kids Are Falling Through the Cracks

Why I won't call my daughter 'gifted'

Too Many Kids Quit Science Because They Don't Think They're Smart

U.S. Department of Education Awards $3.9 Million to Partnerships to Support Underrepresented Students in Gifted and Talented Programs

"Do Gifted Children Need Special Support?" by Marilyn vos Savant

The Ultimate Plan to Help Gifted Education (and Improve Education for All Kids in the Process) By Kathleen Casper

"Trick or treat: how are you going to handle school conferences?" by Rhonda Stern

"The Value of Gifted Education Programs," by NAGC's Nancy Green

What is the Right Score for Admittance to a Gifted Program?

Arne Duncan Makes Pitch for More STEM Teachers, New Classroom Technology

NO! For the Last Time, NOT Every Child is Gifted!

TEDTalk: Why gifted may not be what you think

Why celebrations (not necessarily on the scale of Jackie Robinson West) and recognition of talent are important to students by Rhonda Stern

14 Signs Your Grandchild May Be Gifted

Back to school blues: Why gifted teens dread returning to school

How Can Teachers Build on Gifted, Hyperactive Students' Strengths?

Models in Gifted Education

Digging beneath the surface of underachievement by Ben Hebebrand

Inserting Gifted Education into the Campaign Season - NAGC

Snappy Answers to Stupid Excuses (for Parents of Gifted Kids) by Jim Delisle

What if Special Education Students got Gifted Education Treatment?

"Living With the Ups and Downs," by Dr. James T. Webb

3 Ways to Plan for Diverse Learners: What Teachers Do

New Research: Students Benefit from Learning That Intelligence Is Not Fixed

The U.S. Neglects Its Best Science Students

Myth-Busting Differentiated Instruction: 3 Myths and 3 Truths

"The Impact of the Common Core State Standards on Gifted Education

"Sorry Jay Mathews, Gifted Education Matters" by Jonathan Wai, Ph.D., Psychology Today

Gifted Parenting Support: "The Gifted Family - Transforming Chaos into Calm"

"Our state and nation must stop neglecting our most talented students" by Amy Waine and Tracy L. Cross

"America's Future Depends on Gifted Students" by Frederick M. Hess, The New York Times Opinion Pages

Generation Z, Teachers--how's today's "creative classroom" working for you? by Rhonda Stern

Davidson Institute Educators Guild Newsletter Spring 2014

"Uppervention: Meeting the Needs of Gifted and Talented Students" Edutopia, The George Lucas Educational Foundation

"Underachievement in gifted students," by Ben Hebebrand

"On Dropping the G-Bomb:12 Confessions from a Gifted Advocate"

"When Your Child Is Exceptional (Twice)"

"By not challenging gifted kids, what do we risk losing?"

"A Mother's Letter to Her Gifted Child"

Video: Andy Mahoney on Executive Function and Gifted

Gifted + Learning Disabled = No Desk For You, Says New Study

"The Myth That Hurts Gifted Learners

"Overexcitability...can just be giftedness" by Ben Hebebrand

Critical Thinking, Starting Early, by Rhonda Stern

Common Core and the uncommon schools: FL educators integrate common core in gifted....

44 Prompts Merging Reflective Thinking With Bloom's Taxonomy

"Practical Intelligence as a Pillar of Successful Intelligence," by Ben Hebebrand

Gifted or pretty: What do parents want for their daughters?

America Hates Its Gifted KidsNewsweek  

Five Practical Tips for Differentiation

School May Pose Challenges For Gifted Kids, too, Study Says

Hackschooling makes me happy, TEDx video

Supporting the academic success of twice-exceptional learners, by Rhonda L. Stern

All AP? Not for Me! Why Gifted Students Shouldn't Take the Highest Level Classes - Psychology Today

Do Gifted Programs Improve Learning?The Atlantic

Even Gifted Students Can't Keep Up / In Math and Science, the Best Fend for Themselves, from the New York Times Sunday Review

Top ten blog posts and articles about gifted children in 2013

Charleston school board approves gifted eduction position

Davidson Institute December newsletter 2013

Teaching Social Skills to Young Gifted Children: Why and How, by Deborah L. Ruf, PhD

Gifted Children Need a Place to Belong

Video of Rockford's Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) high school gifted program


Sixteen Habits that Facilitate a Growth Mindset, by Ben Hebebrand

Rethinking Structure in the Gifted Classroom

Handouts from Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted 2013 Conference

NAGC video: Basics of Gifted Education 7:50

"System 2 Thinking: Is Critical Thinking Valued in Gifted Education?" by Ben Hebebrand

"Teachers, some advice about how to build a positive climate in your classroom," Rhonda Stern

IMSA application now is available

"Broadening the View on Intelligence: Multiple Intelligences" by Ben Hebebrand

"An architectural error turns into a relevant opportunity for Problem Based Learning" by Rhonda Stern, member IAGC Social and Emotional Committee

"Keep an open mind: view mistakes as teaching tools, not mini failures" by Rhonda Stern, member, IAGC Social and Emotional Committee

"The Forgotten Gifted Child"

Book chapter: "Promoting a positive achievement attitude with gifted and talented students" by Del Siegle and D. Betsy McCoach

Read "A celebration of educating gifted, talented children" by Julia Link Roberts and Nancy Green

Read "Talent Search programs offer gifted students additional norm reference points" by Ben Hebebrand

"Why We Need to Value Students' Spatial Creativity"

Peoria's Washington Gifted School Continues to Strive

Video "Why is Gifted Education So Important?"

Sally Walker, Nancy Green: Ending the Neglect of Illinois' Gifted Students

"Is Your Child Ungifted?Scientific American: Beautiful Minds Blog

"Should you let your child decide whether to join a gifted program?"

"THINKING: Cogito Ergo Sum," the latest blog by Ben Hebebrand

Illinois Gifted Education Program Statistics 1997-2003 

Interview with Penny Choice, IAGC Diverse Gifted Populations Committee Co-chair

Read "The gift of gifted education" in Chicago Parent. It quotes Sally Walker, IAGC Executive Director.

"It Might Be Differentiation" by Cathy Greene

"Are They Worth It?" by Cathy Greene

"Early Identification of Giftedness" by Ben Hebebrand

"Defining Mathematical Giftedness in Elementary School Settings" by Ben Hebebrand

"Learning Matters: Gifted Education" 2004 Jim Lehrer News HOur

Motivating the Gifted Learner Blog post by Ben Hebebrand

Outside of the Box Gifted Learners
View a presentation for IAGC in June 2010 describing twice-exceptional gifted students and how to meet their needs

Wrap Your Arms Around Gifted Education 

K12TLC (Teaching and Learning Center) Illinois Gifted and Talented Networking & Resource Guide [some portions have not been updated since their creation, so we caution you to verify according to your own needs]

2015 Convention followup:


"Without continuous effort there cannot be continuous achievement." - Orison Swett Marden