Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Liaisons -

  • Diane Beedy (ROE)
  • Paula Olszewski-Kubilius (universities)
  • (independent/private schools)

The goal of the liaison committees is to serve as a link with state/regional offices of education, Illinois universities, public and independent/private schools and professional educational organizations.


April 2015 updates:

Illinois State Board of Education Liaison:
 Regional Offices of Education in Illinois are regularly and systematically connected to IAGC, see IAGC as the prominent resource for information about gifted services and gifted education, and work collaboratively with IAGC to improve teacher training in gifted education. Contact Diane Beedy at dibeedy@isbe.net for more information about how this committee works for the goals of IAGC.

University Liaison:
The University Liaison Committee will be working on compiling an updated list of deans and associate deans of schools of education and education department chairs in Illinois institutions of higher education. This list will be used to communicate with undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in education or earning teaching credentials about the opportunities for professional development available through IAGC. The committee will also be working on preparing an outline for an online self-study module on gifted education and gifted students for use with pre-service teachers.

Illinois State Board of Education

Services and Information for Higher Education

The information provided on the following links is designed for use by Illinois Colleges and Universities.

  • New Program Proposal Format 
  • Gifted Education Teacher PDF Version (4/15)

Illinois State Board of Education
Preparation and Evaluation Division
100 North First Street, E-310  Springfield, IL 62777-0001
Phone: 217.782.2948  Fax: 217.557.8392

Gifted Education Teacher Program Proposal Format

The new program proposal format is to be used by institutions or not-for-profit entities submitting a new gifted education teacher program proposal to the Illinois State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board (SEPLB) and the State Board of Education for approval. The proposal must meet the requirements of the 23 Illinois Administrative Code, Part 25, Section 25.145, Approval of New Programs Within Recognized Institutions http://www.isbe.net/rules/archive/pdfs/25ark.pdf

Gifted Education Teacher programs must meet the requirements of Illinois Administrative Code, Part 25, Section 25.100: Teaching Endorsements on the Professional Educator License and Part 27, Section 27.490: Gifted Education Teacher.

Programs must consist of at least 24 semester hours of graduate coursework in gifted education. This endorsement shall not be issued alone as an individual’s first teaching credential.

It is also important to review the 23 Illinois Administrative Code, Part 25, Section 25.142 Assessment Requirements for Individual Programs to make certain that the assessment information provided is comprehensive.

Instructions: Use this form for submission for a new program proposal. Please submit your program proposal electronically to your ISBE consultant: Emily Fox (efox@isbe.net) or Jennifer Gross (jgross@isbe.net). Also email a copy to Henri Fonville at hfonvill@isbe.net