Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Educational Opportunities

What is the Distinguished Service Award?

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children will present the Distinguished Service Award each year to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of gifted education and to the development of the organization. This award is given to an individual who has been in the field for more than ten years and has shown evidence of making major contributions in at least two of the Selection Criteria areas or a significant contribution with lasting impact on the field of gifted education in one of the areas. (Current IAGC board members, committee chairs, and paid employees are not eligible for this award.) These contibutions must have been ongoing and must demonstrate a continued commitment over time.

Nomination Procedure

Board members may nominate individuals or nominations may be submitted by any IAGC member. The IAGC Board of Directors will review the nominations and choose the award recipient at the January board meeting.

Selection Criteria

  1. Evidence of contributions to the field of gifted education over time:
    • Made significant advocacy contribution resulting in change of policy at the state/national level
    • Made significant legislative contribution at state of national level resulting in increased funding, mandates, teacher certification, or endorsement
    • Served in an advisory capacity at the state or national level with demonstrated results
  2. Evidence of continued contributions to IAGC over time:
    • Completed a successful history of leadership roles (i.e., committees, officer positions)
    • Created and coordinated initiatives that provided increased service to members of the organization. Examples could include: coordinated special events, carried out advocacy campaigns, or coordinated IAGC's annual convention
  3. Evidence of long-term service to the field:
    • Demonstrated career-long involvement in gifted education
    • Developed unique contribution to the field in a leadership role at the state level, such as working on state level committees or meeting with state officials to advocate for gifted education
    • Made ongoing contribution to the field through journal articles, administration of a school for the gifted, or leadership positions in an organization
    • Recognized for having an expertise in a particular area such as advocacy, curriculum, or program development, which benefits the field
    • Presented at state and/or national conferences to share recognized expertise
    • Served as a mentor to early leaders in the field
  4. Evidence of long-term service to IAGC:
    • Attended on a regular basis IAGC conventions and participated as a speaker or in other roles
    • Served as editor of one or more IAGC publications
    • Served as an officer for IAGC or one of its divisions over an extended period of time.
  5. Restrictions

    1. The nominee must have actively served the field for more than ten years and the IAGC for at least four years.
    2. An individual may receive this award only once.


    The award recipient will be recognized at the IAGC Annual Convention.
    Submit form postmarked by November 1, to:
    IAGC Recognition Committee
    Attention: Nancy Heaton
    800 E. Northwest Hwy., Suite 610
    Palatine, IL 60074