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IAGC brochure! Get page 1 and page 2. Print 2-sided with landscape format. Then fold into thirds with the children and globe as the front panel for a brochure that can be handed out to parents, educators, or other interested community members.

iagcIAGC Video: THE GIFTED EDUCATION STORY - Partnering for Better Education of Highly Able Learners


wordle-iagc giftedThe Illinois Association for Gifted Children is a not-for-profit corporation that was established in 1989 by a small group of educators who wanted to create a voice within Illinois to further the opportunities to better understand the educational, social/emotional needs of gifted individuals. To that end, gifted educators, parents of gifted children, and other individuals continue to support the IAGC mission and related goals. IAGC is an Affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children.


Mission Statement

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children empowers educators, families and communities by advancing effective practices, programs and policies to promote the development of gifted and talented children throughout Illinois.

Why is my IAGC membership so important?

Your membership supports IAGC’s vision. It is the vision of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children that the diverse expression of gifts and talents of all individuals are valued by society. Responsibility for nurturing, encouraging, and supporting the full development of potential in gifted children is accepted and shared by their families, educators, and communities. Individuals value themselves and their accomplishments. Their contributions are celebrated by society.


  • To promote advocacy efforts that benefit gifted and talented children by establishing an effective political network.
  • To develop standards of quality for what teachers and other professionals need to know about educating children with gifts and talents.
  • To develop standards to evaluate the appropriateness of programs and services which affect the lives of children with gifts and talents.
  • To foster professional growth of educators by providing opportunities to learn about standards of quality for understanding and teaching children with gifts and talents.
  • To network with others by disseminating news and information to educators and parents through regular communication in the form of a newsletter, journal and the Internet.
  • To work with the Illinois State Board of Education, universities, and other organizations that serve children with gifts and talents.


IAGC VideoTHE GIFTED EDUCATION STORY - Partnering for Better Education of Highly Able Learners

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For those of you who are IAGC members, thanks for your continued support. Your membership provides the incentive for our continued advocacy on behalf of gifted and talented children in Illinois, and support for the activities listed below. For those of you looking to become an IAGC member, we encourage you to join now. Click here to learn more about member activities and the benefits of an IAGC membership.