Sunday, August 02, 2015

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Anne Grall Reichel

 August 4 & 5

Engaging Gifted and Talented Learners with Real World Applications of the NGSS, Des Plaines, with Anne Grail Reichel 



Monday, October 5
Total School Cluster Grouping: A Research-based Model for Improving Student Achievement, Identification Equity, and Teacher Practices, Wilmette, with Marcia Gentry


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"Knowledge about talent development suggests that gifted children thrive when given the opportunity to explore their curiosity at a pace that works for them. Accelerated coursework and enrichment programs are critical to the success of such students . . . It’s a myth that gifted children would thrive no matter what their learning environment."

~ Camilla Benbow, in the New York Times op-ed, Challenge Highly Talented Children [Thanks to Davidson Institute E-news]